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Beautiful Classic & Russian Volume Lashes

Are your eyelashes sparse, light, and short, or you want to boost your confidence? Then this is what you need to achieve that big, glamorous drama queen or simply natural looking, longer lashes. Single silk or faux mink lashes are applied one by one to each natural lash. Eyelash extensions look and feel so completely natural that you will have people wondering if they're yours. There is no need to wear mascara and best of all, it creates the illusion of bigger more youthful eyes making you look 10 years younger.

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We use only quality premium lashes that are very fine, weightless and a mixture of thickness, lengths and curves to create the perfect natural or dramatic look. Keep in mind that the amount of natural lashes you have determine the look and fullness we can give you.

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Classic Full Set - one synthetic lash to one natural lash (2 hours)

Classic Partial Set - 1 hour 15 minutes

Volume Full Set - A fan of two to six soft lightweight lashes created by hand are applied to one natural lash. The Russian Volume technique is done with far thinner lashes than that of classic technique allowing us to achieve 'MORE' and maintain the health and safety of our clients natural lashes. (2+ hours)

Volume Partial Set - (1.15+ hours)

Please arrive with very clean lashes (eye makeup and mascara free)

Proper Care

Within First 24 Hours

  • Avoid getting them wet, wearing eye makeup, touching or rubbing them

After 24 Hours

  • Avoid all waterproof eye makeup products and products with oil (if it says oil-free but you still have to shake it up otherwise it's seperated into two layers, avoid that one)
  • Mascara is NOT recommended but If you feel the need to wear mascara, apply to the tips ONLY. Again, no waterproof.
  • After showering, blow dry the lashes on cool for 30 seconds on each eye to keep the glue from getting tacky as well as nicely parting the lashes.
  • Thoroughly cleanse extensions and eyelids DAILY using a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo and rinse with water to remove all traces of makeup, oil, debris. Washing them will make them wear better and longer. More importantly your lashes will stay happy and healthy.
  • Excessive sauna, steam, and hot yoga will shorten the duration of the lash extensions
  • Brush the lashes a couple times throughout the day to keep fans open and looking great!
  • Get lashes touched up every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full



It happens but it's rare. Once allergic, few are ever able to wear lash extensions again without a reaction. Eye infections are commonly due to not properly washing or not washing at all during the entire time you wear the lash extensions.

Contact us in Richfield Minnesota, to learn more about our popular Russian Volume lashes.